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Our Family
Joel grew up in the home of dedicated and faithful Christian parents.  In fact, Joel even saw his father surrender to the ministry.  However, his parents could not save him from his sins, and after struggling with this truth for several months, Joel trusted Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 11.  While in high school, Joel recognized the call of God on his life for the ministry.  While attending Atlantic Baptist Bible College, God dramatically got Joel's attention that he was to go to the mission field.  In a mission conference in 1999, God led Joel to recognize the need of the Brazilian people.

Cynthia was saved as a little girl at her mother's knee.  When she was very young, the Lord used Psalm 2:8 during her daily devotions to show her that He wanted her to be a missionary.  She, also, attended Atlantic Baptist Bible College, which is where she and Joel met and married.

Joel and Cynthia interned at Roanoke Island Baptist Church and are sent out of RIBC with World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.

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