Easter eggs & parents’ night out

Mom designated one evening of our week in Tennessee as “Parents’ Night Out”!  She and Dad kept all of the grandkids, while the parents went out to eat and do whatever we wanted to.  :)  No photos were taken (since I left my camera with Dad), so you’ll just have to believe me when I say that it was very, very nice to enjoy a meal without the children and then play a little mini-golf.  :D

But photos were taken of the activities in the house, while we were gone.  (Thanks, Dad, for documenting this for us!)  Easter egg dying was on the agenda, and the younger grandchildren were confined to the basement while MomMom, Katelyn, and Benjamin readied the area and equipment needed.  Upon their release, the younger grandchildren gathered around the table and kitchen island to begin the multi-colored adventure.  MomMom supervised, with Leah permanently attached to her hip, while Katelyn and Ben worked one-on-one with the eager egg-dyers.  The photos indicate that a good time was had by all . . . although I didn’t ask Katelyn and Ben about their level of enjoyment.  :P  Mom, Dad, Katelyn, and Ben – thanks for the night out!

Tennessee zip line

One day, in the hills of Tennessee, a group of men got the idea that they would make a zip line for the children of the family to enjoy.  :)  So they all trooped down the mountain to purchase needed supplies and returned to assemble the aforementioned zip line.  A few test runs and modifications later, the children were merrily zipping along, despite their mothers’ fear of whiplash and general bodily harm.  If the children’s grins and laughter were any indication, the zip line was a huge success; and the men swaggered proudly about the land, having gotten to play with things-that-guys-like, under the auspices of entertaining the children.  Thankfully, everyone emerged unscathed . . . we think.  :P


Enter Prince Charming

This was, I think, one of the cutest moments during our time in Tennessee.  The adults had decided that the children all needed some quiet time (or maybe we just needed them to BE quiet – can’t remember which :P ); and the boys were downstairs watching a movie that they were interested in, while the girls were upstairs watching a princess movie – Snow White, to be exact.  There is, I believe, in the heart of every female a desire to be seen as or treated like a princess; and the girl cousins watched in rapt attention as Snow White worked, danced, and sang her way towards her happily-ever-after.  As the ending scene began to unfold, it was comical, yet sweet, to watch each one of the girls go running to lie in front of the TV in an effort to immerse themselves in the “Snow White experience.”  ;)  They laid there and watched spell-bound as the prince kissed Snow White.  Then, as she began to stir from her poison-apple induced slumber, they stretched their little arms in imitation of the awakening and sat up to smile at their own imaginary princes.  It was one of those moments that made the mommies and aunts sitting with them smile indulgently, remember our own girlhood princess dreams, and thank God for the charming princes that He’s already sent us.  :)  If God sends my girls two “Prince Charming”s as wonderful as their daddy is, I will be very grateful, indeed.

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